Coherent solutions for the problem of reducing health–care costs cannot be found within the current piecemeal system ...

Marissa-Avnaim on July 25, 2019

Question Type

I'm confused on how to identify this question. Is it a principle?

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Irina on July 26, 2019


I would put this question in the most strongly supported/ must be true family. We accept the information in the stimulus as true and use it to find an answer choice that logically follows.

Hope this helps.

mexicangirl on April 23, 2020

Can you explain the question and the answer

natnabila on May 19, 2020

^ pls

JackM on March 3, 2023


Emil-Kunkin on March 4, 2023

This is a must be true. The passage tells us that piecemeal approaches to healthcare spending are unable to bring down costs, using the analogy of a ballon. Assuming the author is correct, this means that any successful approach to managing heal costs cannot be piecemeal, or in other words, must be comprehensive. This is what A tells us, so A must be true.