Doctor: While a few alternative medicines have dangerous side effects, some, such as many herbs, have been proven sa...

Julie-V on July 27, 2019

(D) and (E)

Hi LSAT Max, Can someone help me eliminate choices (D) and (E)? H Is (D) Irrelevant because it talks about a motive for profit vs. health? Also, does (E) strengthen the conclusion by showing that the herbal medicine still helps patients even if it's a result from believing in the medicine? Thanks in advance!

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Irina on July 27, 2019


This is a weaken question, meaning we are looking for a statement that would most undermine the doctor's argument. The doctor is saying that the advocates of herbal remedies should be allowed to prescribe them despite little evidence of medicinal effect because their patients will not be harmed, and might be helped.

(D) is irrelevant as you correctly pointed out. The motive of alternative medicine practitioners is not in question, the doctor's argument only concerns whether it is appropriate to allow them to prescribe such medicines.

(E) is also irrelevant because again we are looking to weaken the doctor's conclusion that these medicines should be prescribed based on the assumption that they would not harm the patient. It does not matter whether the benefits, if any, are derived from patients' belief or actual herbal properties.

Does this make sense? Let me know if you have any other questions.