Suppose that two proposals were put forward by lawmakers concerning housing reform today. Which one of the following ...

dace on July 28, 2019

Please explain

I am having trouble with the relationships between two analogous to ..... Can you please explain how to best approach these questions? Thank you.

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Irina on July 28, 2019


Analogy questions like this one are different from analogy/ parallel reasoning questions encountered in logical reasoning in a sense that they require to find substantively analogous proposals rather than structurally analogous statements. Consider what are the core ideas advanced by the two proposals discussed in paragraph two and compare them to the answer choices.

Lines 20-22 state " should be offered to both sexes, instruction should be available to everyone." This language closely parallels the key idea that a certain good should be made available to all, e.g. "Housing should be made available to all."

Lines 33-35 read "..equal education for women and men on the grounds that women and men enjoy the same rights.." when talking about the second proposal. The main point here is that education should be nondiscriminatory, where both men and women have equal opportunity to get education. This idea is most similar to the "Real estate, i.e. housing, practices should be nondiscriminatory."

Does this make sense?

Let me know if you have any other questions.