Factory manager: One reason the automobile parts this factory produces are expensive is that our manufacturing equip...

Julie-V on July 29, 2019

Stimulus and Answer Breakdown

Hi LSAT Max, Would love to see if I went about this question the right way: So the main takeaway from the stimulus is that the conclusion states refurbishing the factory is the ONLY way to survive in today's market, but we see in the premise that the outdated and inefficient equipment is only ONE REASON that the parts are expensive. (A) talks about the price changing over time, but our concern is the jump from one reason to the only solution (D) technically is wrong because the outdated and inefficient equipment is one cause that the manager claims? (I wasn't too sure if that was the right reason to eliminate) (E), might be effective doesn't fit because the conclusion states that there's only one solution? (another answer choice I wasn't 100% satisfied with my explanation for eliminating) Many thanks in advance!

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shunhe on January 1, 2020

Hi @Julie-V,

Thanks for the question. I would phrase the main takeaway from the stimulus differently. I think that the conclusion states that refurbishing the factory is the ONLY way to survive in today's market (as in we MUST do it), when what's really important is achieving more competitive prices, and refurbishing the factory is only one potential way to achieve more competitive prices.

Your reasoning for (A) is spot on.

Your reasoning for (D) is also correct. The manager does consider a possible cause of the problem, which is the outdated and inefficient equipment. The problem with the factory manager's argument is that he doesn't consider any other SOLUTIONS to the problem.

You seemed to be on the right track for (E) as well. (E) is wrong because the manager definitely DOES make a definite recommendation, which is to completely refurbish the factory. The recommendation, however, is made before considering other solutions, and this is where the real problem lies.

Good job, and hope this helps!