A recent study confirmed that salt intake tends to increase blood pressure and found that, as a result, people with h...

Julie on July 29, 2019


Hi LSAT Max, I chose (B) and was wondering why it would be incorrect. Can we eliminate this choice because the discrepancy is between individuals who have a high salt intake but still have low blood pressure, whereas the answer doesn't bridge the gap and merely says salt intake is one potential factor for high blood pressure? Thank you in advance for the help!


Lauren on August 17, 2019

@Julie-V I'm not sure if i can answer this since I'm not an instructor but I was able to eliminate (B) because it doesn't really talk about people with low blood pressure. In the question stem is basically asking us why there can be people with low blood pressure BUT high salt intake. I believe we should be looking for an answer choice that combats this problem by talking about low blood pressure people. However answer choice (B) never does this as it just states some facts about people with high blood pressure BUT never low blood pressure. Hopefully that helps a bit but that was just how I was able to eliminate (B)

Hope your studying is going well!

Ravi on August 18, 2019


Your analysis is excellent, and we appreciate your active
participation on the boards! @Julie-V, @Lauren-Au is correct. With
(B), we still have the issue of how the low blood pressure patients
were able to maintain their blood pressure while also taking in lots
of salt even though less salt can help to decrease high blood
pressure. Since (B) never addresses people with low blood pressure, we
can get rid of it.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Victoria on April 30, 2021

Oh now I get it!