Engineer: Thermophotovoltaic generators are devices that convert heat into electricity. The process of manufacturing...

Minerva on August 2, 2019

D and E

Hey, can someone walk me through why D and E are incorrect? Thanks!

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Irina on August 2, 2019


Let's look at the argument.

Thermophotovoltaic generators convert heat into electricity.
Stell manufacturing involves a lot of waste heat.
Therefore, if steel manufacturers could feed the heat into these generators, they would greatly reduce their electric bills and save money.

Notice that "reduce electric bills" is the intermediate conclusion here that is used to support the main conclusion that the plants would "save money."

(D) is incorrect because the conclusion only requires an assumption that plants use electricity in some manner, not that electricity is their "primary source" of energy as this answer choice suggests;

(E) has no impact on the validity of the conclusion because it talks about other technology and other types of energy rather than heat, whereas the engineer's argument concerns only thermophotovoltaic generators and waste heat.

Does this make sense? Let me know if you have any other questions.