Often, a product popularly believed to be the best of its type is no better than any other; rather, the product's rep...

Julie-V on August 5, 2019


hi LSAT Max, is answer choice (A) incorrect because it talks about comparing features of different jobs, whereas the correct answer would talk about confusing two of the features? Thanks in advance

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Irina on August 5, 2019


Let's briefly look at what the argument is saying:

Product believed to be the best is no better than any others, rather, its reputation, not quality, provides its owner with status. Thus, although is no harm in paying for status, one should know they are paying for prestige, not quality.

The argument presents a mistaken belief and concludes that even though there is nothing wrong with acting upon this belief, one should be aware of it when making this choice.

(A) is incorrect because instead of saying that people often mistake x for y, the scenario merely talks about comparing different features of the jobs and concluding that choosing x (undesirable location) would lead to y (unhappy with the hours) as opposed to the stimulus that discusses confusing features of the same product not comparing two alternatives.

Does that make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.