The author of passage B suggests that some laws justify the use of jury nullification because they are too

white101437 on August 6, 2019

RC PT78 Q#1

I was thinking that D was correct because the author was discussing unjust laws

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Irina on August 6, 2019


The author of passage B argues that "when a jury nullifies.. ,the jury can be viewed as assisting the legislature. Legislatures create general laws both because they cannot foresee every variation that may arise" (lines 41-48). Juries are thus justified in using nullification if the law is too general and needs to be tailored to a particular case.

The author also talks about unjust laws but unjust is not synonymous with intrusive. The law could be intrusive without being unjust and vice versa, and the author provides no further information for us to make this inference.

Does that make sense?
Let me know if you have any further questions.