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on August 6, 2019

Quantifiers Questions

Hello! I am understanding the answers when they are being talked through on the video! However, when I begin practicing them on my own in the questions section I am not able to figure it out! Are there any resources that explain why the answer is a specific way on the 25 practice questions? Thank you so much!!

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Ravi on August 6, 2019


There should be answers for each question on the 25 practice
questions. Are you not seeing the answers, if so, there may be a
technical glitch occurring, so I recommend contacting our
support staff to let them know you'd like more video explanations. You
can do so by tapping "support" from the left menu or by calling
855.483.7862 ext. 2 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!