Sociologist:  Romantics who claim that people are not born evil but may be made evil by the imperfect institutions th...

Meredith on August 6, 2019

Why is B wrong

Can anyone provide a different way of explaining why B is wrong?

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Irina on August 8, 2019

@ Meredith,

The sociologist is arguing that since institutions are merely collections of people they cannot be made evil by imperfect institutions. (B) tells us that "institutions formed by people are inevitably imperfect," but even if we take this fact as true, it fails to show the principle that underlies the sociologist's reasoning when it comes to the relationship between people and institutions formed by them. Another approach to eliminating this answer would be to ask ourselves - would the fact that institutions are imperfect in itself strengthen the sociologist's argument?

Does this help?

Let me know if you have any further questions.