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ishadoshi on August 9, 2019

Practicing Technique

In the video lesson on timing it said that in the logic games section, if we either don't complete under eight minutes 45 sec or don't get all questions correct we should set the game aside for later. So while doing the homework sequencing games, should I continue the game even if the time is up and try to attempt all the questions, or should I just leave that particular game and move on to the next game setup and start trying to do that under time?

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SorooshKosha on December 18, 2019

I'm not an instructor, but personally I think that mastering the technique is more important initially. Timing should be more of a concern once you have a handle on how to approach the questions.

shunhe on January 7, 2020

Hi @isadoshi,

At the beginning of your practicing, would definitely agree with @SorooshKosha. Logic games are going to be slow and clunky at first, but you really do speed up a lot as you get used to diagramming. So in general, in the beginning, make sure you understand the most efficient way to diagram, how to keep your notes organized, etc. Hope this helps!