If Q is more popular than L, then each of the following must be true of the ranking EXCEPT:

Isha on August 9 at 08:09AM

Understanding questions

This is in response to the message board started by Savannah on December 21 at 7:56 pm. I couldn't respond there directly for some reason so I'm typing it out here: by drilling do you mean we should do the same logic game over and over again until we get it? if yes, then would that really help much? since after seeing the video explanation of the game, we know how to set it up and therefore it will just be like replicating what we saw in the video - thereby not really being an accurate test of whether we've really understood the question?

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Christopher on September 15 at 08:20PM

How do I answer this question? Can you help me rewrite out what the rule would look like here?