The passage contains information that most helps to answer which one of the following questions?

on August 10, 2019

Option E

I really don't see how the passage answers the question in E.


Irina on August 10, 2019


Lines 10-13 tell us that "many African American writers have used musicians and music as theme and metaphor in their writing," same as Jazz's connection to music is found in the novel's plot (lines 17-19).

Does this help?

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Abigail on November 2, 2020

Those lines have nothing to do with jazz though. No information in those lines answer the question E poses

on December 23, 2020

I agree.. Those lines have nothing to do with jazz.. is it supposed to be an inference?

Mazen on March 15 at 08:54PM

On the contrary, those lines have something to do with jazz as they entail musical traits, "music and musicians," that are common to all musical genres.

So by virtue of having used characteristics that define all musical genres, including jazz, these "other African American writers" have used characteristics that are common to all musical genres, including jazz, irrespective of whether the word "jazz" was incorporated.

Not mentioning jazz is irrelevant, as jazz shares these characteristics with the other musical genres.

Phrased differently, "musicians and music" are characteristics of more than just the genre of jazz.

Jazz is one of many musical arts all of which are characterized with music and musicians; and music and musicians, as characteristics have been used by "some other African American writers."