Which one of the following could be a pair of people who help each other move both the recliner and the table?

Moreira on August 11, 2019

Why not C or D from our previous question we saw these were possible

Also A could have been eliminated right away because it violates our third rule right (G cannot be with J) Please help me understand Thank you


Ravi on August 11, 2019


Happy to help. Let's look at (A), (C), and (D).

Regarding, (A), you're right. G and J can't ever be together, so we
can eliminate it off the bat.

Regarding (C) and (D), if we want to make H move something, then G
must be moving the sofa based on the first rule of the game. This
forces J to be the other member of the pair since otherwise J would be
left with G in the sofa group, and that can't happen (G and J can't be
together). However, if J is with H in moving the table, then M must be
moving the recliner, which can't happen because the recliner already
has H and J. This means that we can get rid of both (C) and (D).

For (B), we can have G and M in both the recliner and table groups,
with J and H in the sofa group with no issues. (B) interestingly
enough is the sole answer choice that does not activate any of the
conditional rules from the game.

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!

Moreira on September 15, 2020

Thank you that was helpful