The top prize in architecture, the Pritzker Prize, is awarded for individual achievement, like Nobel Prizes for scien...

RyanSpencer on August 13, 2019


can someone please explain this one for me? I'm not sure if i am understanding.

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Irina on August 13, 2019


The question asks us to determine the structure of the argument. Let's briefly review the stimulus.

The top prize in architecture is awarded for individual achievement, same as in science
Buildings are the result of teamwork.
Architects are judged by their buildings.
Buildings are thus not like scientific discoveries, but like movies, which compete for awards for the best picture.
Thus, it would be better if the top prize in architecture was awarded to the best building rather than the best architect.

The argument essentially says that architecture is more similar to the movie industry than to science, where top prizes are awarded for collective achievements rather than the individual ones.

Let's look at the answer choices:

(A) is the correct answer choice that accurately summarizes the argument. The argument concludes that it a top prize in architecture should be awarded to the best building based on comparisons with the movie industry where the best prize is awarded for the best picture;

(B) is incorrect, there is no discussion about an inherent value of one award versus the other;

(C) is incorrect, the argument points out the similarities but not criticisms;

(D) is incorrect, the argument is saying that architecture is more similar to to the movie industry, not that science is irrelevant;

(E) is incorrect, the argument claims that an individual achievement award is inappropriate but he never claims that it is equally inappropriate in science/ movies.

Does this help?

Let me know if you have any further questions.