A recent magazine article argued that most companies that do not already own videoconferencing equipment would be was...

efurr530 on August 15, 2019


I got the right answer choice through the process of elimination. However, I am struggling to see the flaw in this question. Is it because we are concluding companies that have not purchased video conferencing equipment from companies that have obtained such equipment? Could you please explain? Thanks!

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Irina on August 15, 2019


Let's look at the structure of the argument:

Most companies that own no videoconferencing equipment would be wasting their money if they purchased it.


In a recent survey of businesses that have purchased such equipment, most of the respondents said it was worth the cost.

IF PE -> ~ WM

The issue is the argument never tells us that the article and the survey talk about the same set of companies. The article is about "companies that do not already own vc equipment" vs. a recent survey is of "businesses who purchased such equipment." We have no information on whether any of these survey respondents already own vc equipment. The correct answer choice (D) correctly summarizes this flaw pointing out that a sample of survey respondents is likely unrepresentative of the group of vc purchasers that own no videoconferencing equipment.

Does that make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.