Double-blind techniques should be used whenever possible in scientific experiments. They help prevent the misinterpre...

Devin on August 15, 2019

Main point

Is the correct answer to main point questions ALWAYS a restatement of the conclusion in the passage? Or is it just a common occurrence?

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on September 5, 2019

Why is the answer choice "B" and not "E"? Considering choice "E" addressed the importance of employing the double-blind technique to evade misinterpretations that derived from biased expectations and opinions.

Garrison on November 14, 2019

Just offering some help to the person above; the answer is B and not E because B refers back to main point of the argument. That the double blind technique should be employed as often as possible, while E reiterates evidence used to support that conclusion.

Shunhe on December 21, 2019

Identifying the conclusion will almost always get one to the answer in main point questions! And the above poster is correct: "E" supports the main conclusion by offering evidence in support of adopting it, while "B" addresses the main point itself.

Monishia on July 6, 2021

I originally chose E as well, but now see that B is the only one that restates, "Double-blind techniques should be used whenever possible in scientific experiments.", whereas E supports that statement.

Emil on March 22 at 01:01AM

The difference is that B is prescriptive, like the conclusion, it tells us what we should do. E is merely describing double blinds.