Nutritionist: Many people claim that simple carbohydrates are a reasonable caloric replacement for the fatty foods... on August 18, 2019

Why is D the correct answer?

I didn't understand this one... I don't understand how D is the correct answer. I guessed A here...

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Ravi on August 18, 2019,

Let's take a look at (A) and (D).

(A) says, "People on low-fat diets should avoid consumption of simple
carbohydrates if they wish to maintain the energy that their bodies

We know that simple carbohydrates can lead to more insulin, which
creates energy. The problem with the simple carbs isn't that they'll
prevent someone from getting enough energy; rather, the problem with
them is that they might cause your body to store fat. Thus, we can get
rid of (A).

(D) says, "People who wish to avoid gaining body fat should limit
their intake of foods high in simple carbohydrates."

Recall that we're looking for the answer choice that's most strongly
supported by the nutritionist's statements, so we're effectively
looking for an answer choice that could serve as the conclusion for
the stimulus. (D) is an excellent fit for this, as we know that simple
carbohydrates can cause the same types of problems that the fatty
foods cause, so avoiding simple carbohydrates makes sense for those
who are trying not to gain additional body fat. This is why (D) is the
correct answer choice.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!