The passage states which one of the following?

BrandyL on August 18, 2019

example 3

I don't understand why the quantifiers are being diagrammed like sufficient and necessary conditions. This example as well as the answer choices have quantifier words like many and some. I'm confused. Thanks Brandy

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Ravi on August 18, 2019


Great question.

(D) says, "A society that has some crimes has some laws."

"Some" we know means at least one. The reason we diagram this as a
conditional statement is because even though "some" is in there, it's
not technically a quantifier statement. If it were a quantifer, it
would read something like "some crimes are laws."

Since some means at least one, we know we can diagram (D) as

C - >L. This matches the conditional statement we're given in the
stimulus, so we know (D) must be true. If there is a crime, there must
be a law, and this is the contrapositive of the statement in the
passage (a society that has no laws has no crimes).

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!