Many conceptual categories are parts of dichotomous (distinct and mutually exclusive) pairs: good or bad, right or wr...

efurr530 on August 19, 2019

Issue seeing flaw

I am having trouble seeing the flaw in this passage. Could someone please explain? Thanks!

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Irina on August 19, 2019


The argument tells us that because dichotomous classification is inappropriate for some areas of science, e.g. animals/ plants or energy/matter, dichotomous classifications should be abandoned altogether. The argument is flawed because it uses evidence showing that dichotomous classification is impossible in limited scenarios to argue that dichotomous classification is impossible in every single scenario.

(B) accurately repeats this flaw, saying that just because some antianxiety drugs are addictive, it is true of all drugs, and the use of drugs for antianxiety treatment should be discontinued altogether.

Does this make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.