The author's use of the phrase "no special magic" (line 43) is most likely meant primarily to convey that notions lik...

samxinghaoli on August 19, 2019

A vs E

I could see both answers as making sense. I basically substitutes the original sentence with choice A and E, and I think both answer choices fit in flawlessly, so why is E correct while A incorrect?

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Irina on August 19, 2019


The author talks about "no special magic" to support his conclusion that the terms are of little utility in guiding policy decisions and the regulatory policy should rather be guided by a better understanding of underlying factors (44-46) as (E) accurately states. The author is not saying that these terms do not exhaustively characterize the risks, more so that the judgments whether a risk is voluntary or involuntary are questionable ( 14-18) for two reasons - (1) it is challenging to determine whether risk is incurred voluntarily because it is a matter of degree (20-25) and (2) tendency to characterize risks one disapproves of as "voluntary" (34-35). n "voluntarily" and "involuntarily."

Does it make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.