Ecologist: Landfills are generally designed to hold ten years' worth of waste. Some people maintain that as the numb...

Julie-V on August 20, 2019

Answer Explanation

Hi LSAT Max, I just wanted to double check and make sure that the reason why (D) is the correct answer because the conclusion of the stimulus is pointing out that the possibility of new landfills being created is being overlooked. If this isn't the right way to go about this question, I would love to know how to do so. Thanks in advance!

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shunhe on January 1, 2020

HI @Julie-V,

That's pretty close to the correct answer! I would say that the conclusion of the argument is that the original argument (about an eventual landfill crisis) is unsound it overlooks an important possibility, and what you mentioned (the possibility of new landfills being created) is a premise in support of that argument. So the landfill availability crisis is having cast doubt on it, which you correctly identified. Hope that helps!