The work of the New Women, as it is characterized in the passage, gives the most support for which one of the followi...

Lauren-Au on August 21, 2019

Best way to practice and review Reading Comp?

@lsatmax I'm having trouble with timing and getting correct answers with the Reading comp sections. Are then any study straggles you recommend on how to get better with these? Thank you!

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shunhe on December 28, 2019

Hi @Lauren-Au,

A couple of general tips that helped me.

1) I personally found writing notes in the margins and highlighting useful for reading comprehension passages, which you are still able to do on the digital versions. This should help with avoiding re-reading lines or paragraphs. Don't get too bogged down in the details when you do this, though.

2) Some people like to determine in what order they'll tackle the passages based on the topics and how they're doing, which you could try out. Other people also like to look at the questions first and then do the reading, or first skim the passage and then look at the questions, or first read the passage thoroughly and then look at the questions. People also vary in what order they do the questions - beginning to end, based on question type, etc. I would suggest trying out a few different tactics to see what works best for you, and try to see what a good amount of time to spend on each passage is.

3) I wouldn't suggest answering questions from memory ever. Instead, try to remember where in the passage you saw the answer you remembered, and check back to make sure that it's right. This will help refresh you on the general structure of the passage and also make sure you don't miss one or two minor details that actually change the answer.

4) Practice, practice, practice!

The rest depends on what specifically you're having trouble on. Are you a slow reader? Is there a certain type of question that always gets you? The more details you give us, the more we can help you. Let us know, and hope this helps.