If the multiverse hypothesis as discussed in the third paragraph is correct, then the story of the hero in the first ...

Sidra on August 21, 2019

Please explain

Could you please explain the entire questions along with the answer choice. I had a hard time understanding the question itself.

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Irina on August 21, 2019


The question asks us if the multiverse theory is correct - and there are infinite universes with the infinite number of possibilities - then the story of a hero would be more analogous to the story of our universe if the hero.... In other words, if there are infinite possibilities, the odds our universe ended up with the exact set of physical law so as to sustain life as we know it is simply a matter of chance.

Let's look at the answer choices:

(A) had a team of supporters working behind the scenes.

No, the multiverse theory simply says there are infinite possibilities and one of them happened to be our universe, there is no outside behind-the-scenes force that defined whether a universe ends up compatible with life or not.

(B) was actually just one of many people sent on a mission, but almost all of the others failed.

Correct. The multiverse theory basically says that our universe is just one of many, and most likely in most of the other universes the laws of physics do not allow the formation of life (lines 22-25).

(C) had developed the survival skills to complete the mission during a series of previous missions.

Incorrect. This sounds like an analogy to evolution, the multiverse theory never says that there are multiple variations of the same universe, where it evolves and adjusts from one version to another.

(D) was actually just one of many people sent on a mission, and each person found a unique way to succeed.

Incorrect. The first part correctly describes the multiverse theory in a sense that our universe is just one of many, but the multiverse theory argues that most of the universes do not in fact support the creation of matter and life, hence each person/ universe did not succeed.

(E) was equipped with a map to anticipate each danger

Incorrect. The multiverse theory hypothesizes that the right set of physical laws happened by chance, there are no guiding principles that resulted in our universe sustaining life during its formation.

Does this help?

Let me know if you have any further questions.