The approaches toward evolutionary psychology exhibited by the two authors differ in which one of the following ways?

Milo-Hammer on August 21, 2019

B vs D

Why is there a difference between B and D here?

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Irina on August 25, 2019


(B) tells us that that the author of A is more committed to the principles of evolutionary psychology than the author of B. This is accurate - A attempts to justify altruism using the principles of evolutionary psychology, but we cannot infer that B is committed to these principles at all. On the contrary, B right off the bat says "evolutionary psychology is a kind of conspiracy theory..."

(D) tells us that the author of B is more skeptical of evolutionary theory in general than the author of A. This is incorrect - both authors discuss evolutionary psychology, not evolutionary THEORY in general. We cannot infer that just because the author of B is skeptical of evolutionary psychology, he is skeptical of the concept of evolution/ natural selection as a whole.

Does this make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.