Which one of the following works most clearly exemplifies writing Dostoyevsky would have deemed "artistic"?

Milo-Hammer on August 21, 2019

Can you explain this question?

The answers appear fairly arbitrary

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Irina on August 22, 2019


Dostoevsky considered the work artistic in a case when "a novelist expressing his thoughts in characters and images so that when the reader has finished the novel, he has fully understood the author's thoughts" (lines 35-41). In other words, artistry is the ability to write well and convey one's ideas to the reader through one's characters.

(B) accurately summarizes this view, " a novel where the author's ideas are given substance through suitable characters and events" would enable the reader to understand the author's ideas and is artistic per Dostoevsky.

Does that make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.