Given the information in the passage, Dostoyevsky would have been most likely to agree with which one of the followin...

Milo-Hammer on August 21, 2019

Evidence for this answer

Can you point out where this answer is justified in the passage?

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shunhe on December 28, 2019

Hi @Milo-Hammer,

Take a look at lines 33-34, where the author presents one of Dostoyevsky's views as believing that "Only fully realized artistic works could fulfill their goals." In other words, diagramming this out, we get

Fulfill goals - > Fully realized artistic works

Look now at lines 40-41, where Dostoyevsky defines artistry as "simply the ability to write well." Now taking a look at (A), we see that if it serves a particular political view (and thus fulfills its goals), it is a work of literature that is well written. Why? Because only those are fully realized artistic works under Dostoyevsky's definitions above. Hope this helps.