Given the information in the passage, Dostoyevsky would have been most likely to agree with which one of the followin...

Milo on August 21, 2019

Evidence for this answer

Can you point out where this answer is justified in the passage?

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Shunhe on December 28, 2019

Hi @Milo-Hammer,

Take a look at lines 33-34, where the author presents one of Dostoyevsky's views as believing that "Only fully realized artistic works could fulfill their goals." In other words, diagramming this out, we get

Fulfill goals - > Fully realized artistic works

Look now at lines 40-41, where Dostoyevsky defines artistry as "simply the ability to write well." Now taking a look at (A), we see that if it serves a particular political view (and thus fulfills its goals), it is a work of literature that is well written. Why? Because only those are fully realized artistic works under Dostoyevsky's definitions above. Hope this helps.