In a large residential building, there is a rule that no pets are allowed. A group of pet lovers tried to change that...

@chris_va on August 22, 2019


For this question, it follows is the same as it can be concluded that, correct? If that's the case then nowhere in the passage does it state that they received the 10 percent required. So unless that last sentence means, that in fact the motion was voted down, then I really can't see how B is incorrect. Please help?!

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Irina on August 22, 2019


The passage tells us that the signatures of 10% of the tenants are required to put a petition to a vote, and the author concludes that the petition was voted down by a majority of the tenants. To get voted down, the petition must have been put to a vote to begin with, and the only way this could happen is if the pet lovers succeeded in obtaining the signatures of 10% of the tenants, hence this is the necessary assumption for the author's conclusion to be valid. If (B) were true, and the signatures of less than 10% of the tenants were obtained, there would be no vote at all, thus the author could not conclude that it was voted down.

Does that make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.