In Malsenia sales of classical records are soaring. The buyers responsible for this boom are quite new to classical m...

Mason on August 23, 2019

Explain please

Could I get you guys to explain this one please? My answer choice was B


Irina on August 23, 2019


The correct answer choice is (B). Great work!

If none of the buyers had an option to attend a live concert, we could not conclude that audiences are shrinking due to the preference for recorded music. Hence, this is the necessary assumption.

Mason on August 23, 2019

Ok thanks! The test had marked me incorrect just so you guys know.

Irina on August 23, 2019

Thanks for letting us know. The official answer is incorrect on this one.

Avi on June 4, 2020

I had that issue too. Should I let the technical team know?

Athena on August 2, 2020

Can someone please fix this issue? I also got B and it marked me wrong. It's been over a year so this issue should be fixed to prevent confusion in the future.