In Malsenia sales of classical records are soaring. The buyers responsible for this boom are quite new to classical m...

Mason on August 23 at 12:51AM

Explain please

Could I get you guys to explain this one please? My answer choice was B

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Irina on August 23 at 04:09PM


The correct answer choice is (B). Great work!

If none of the buyers had an option to attend a live concert, we could not conclude that audiences are shrinking due to the preference for recorded music. Hence, this is the necessary assumption.

Mason on August 23 at 04:13PM

Ok thanks! The test had marked me incorrect just so you guys know.

Irina on August 23 at 04:47PM

Thanks for letting us know. The official answer is incorrect on this one.

Avi on June 4 at 03:41AM

I had that issue too. Should I let the technical team know?

Athena on August 2 at 03:21PM

Can someone please fix this issue? I also got B and it marked me wrong. It's been over a year so this issue should be fixed to prevent confusion in the future.