Which one of the following is given by the passage as a reason for the difficulty a lawyer would have in determining ...

on August 25 at 07:20PM

Ex 2 answer choice C

I don't understand why if Lutz's record contains scandal, is negated?

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Christopher on September 27 at 01:38AM

I also, don't understand why answer choice C isn't the correct choice. As I've watched the video on that answer choice several times something is confusing.

on October 7 at 08:56PM

I agree with the above question. For option C, It says " Lutz's record contains scandalous items.." Yet, Scandalous is negated. Please help clarify as to why this is

Abi on November 22 at 01:17AM

Please explain

on April 27 at 05:45AM

I am in the same boat where I am extremely confused the explanation for answer choice c. Mehran negated sc meanwhile the answer choice did not say to negate c. Please explain.

Alison on June 15 at 10:19PM

Any explanation to this? Is it a typo on his part? I am very confused as well.

on June 18 at 06:15PM

Also confused, to me "contains scandalous items would be "Sc --> MR" and therefore C couldn't be true? Can someone explain what's going on here?