Anthropologist: Every human culture has taboos against eating certain animals. Some researchers have argued that such...

samxinghaoli on August 26, 2019

Couldn't figure out the correct answer between A and C

I can see how both A and C could work, but didn't quite understand how to choose between these two.

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shunhe on December 27, 2019

Hi @samxinghaoli,

You've narrowed it down to 2 very similar answer choices, but the wording in the answer choices ends up making (A) a better answer than (C). Note the language the anthropologist uses in the stimulus: she calls the conclusion of some researchers "unwarranted," instead pointing out that eating animals "might instead have" arisen for other symbolic or ritualistic reasons. The anthropologist's language is not, therefore, outright rejecting the reasoning of those researchers. She is only pointing out that another explanation is possible. She isn't even supporting the second conclusion over the first. She just points out its existence, and so it's a stretch to say that she believes the second hypothesis is "more plausible." Hope this helps!