Ethicist: Every moral action is the keeping of an agreement, and keeping an agreement is nothing more than an act of...

Samir-Ghani on August 26, 2019

Question 7

I am having a little difficulty understanding the Not all things... part of the problem. I am not sure if maybe I am reading it incorrectly causing me to diagram it wrong. But I would appreciate if someone can help me out

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Caramujo on September 9, 2019

Hi @Samir-Ghani Maybe I can help.

My understanding of "not all" statements is that they can be diagrammed as "some" statements. In the case of the stimulus, the "not all" statement can be diagrammed as follow: KOAA - some - not moral actions. And in the case of the correct answer choice, E, texts- some - not books.

Hope this helps.

Geez, it'd be a whole lot easier to participate in these message boards if I could reference the question while I was typing this on my tablet...

shunhe on January 3, 2020

Just wanted to back up what @caramujo is saying, one way of diagramming "not all" is as "some" of the opposite. So if not all people are bad, then some people are good.