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hales on August 27, 2019


Hello, I am really struggling with timing on my practice LSATs, and am planning on taking the September exam. When I took this one as a full timed test I got the answer incorrect because I instantly selected B and didn't read the rest of the choices, but when I went back and took the exam again untimed I got the answer choice correct. In general, do you recommend reading all of the answer choices to be more confident? I find that if I do this I can easily spend way too much time on a question deliberating between choices. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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shunhe on January 1, 2020

Hi @hales,

I would definitely read through all of the answer choices if you have the time, as we have to determine which the BEST answer choice is on the LSAT, and we can't do that sometimes without knowing all of the answer choices. That being said, with practice you'll eventually be able to figure out for some questions when an answer is decidedly right (usually having to do with conditional logic questions). That's my 2 cents, at least.