Which one of the following comes closest to exemplifying the characteristics of Gray's work as described in the passage?

chelseaborg on August 27, 2019

Why is E the answer?

I had some trouble with this passage and in particular this question. Could you explain why E is right and the other answers are wrong please?

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ciarataheri on November 18, 2019

I was also wondering why E is the answer, and had trouble with this passage as well

sprozes on December 12, 2019

I also had issues with this passage and was wondering why E was the correct answer choice for this question

shunhe on December 24, 2019

Hi all,

To start off with why (E) is right, we should direct our attention to lines 36-39. We see here that Eileen Gray "often used modern materials, such as tubular steel, to create furniture...that, although visually austere, meet their occupants' needs." The chair has a simple form which fits the human form and is made out of metal, ticking all of our boxes: furniture, visually austere, using modern materials, meets occupants' needs.

(A), (B), (C), and (D) can all be eliminated by lines 14-17, where the author discusses Gray's avoidance of "the flowing, leafy lines of the Art Nouveau movement," instead preferring the juxtaposition of straight lines and simple forms. An upholstered sofa with curved wooden arms, a coffee table with intricate carvings in bright colors, a vase designed to resemble ornate flowers, and a round picture frame with colorful shells and inlaid with various decorations all do not fit Gray's motif. Hope this helps!