According to the passage, in the U.S. there is a widely held view that

Will on August 28, 2019


Where in the passage is the answer?

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Victoria on August 28, 2019

Hi @wajones1,

Lines 5 to 11 read: "Both poets and writers of fiction have tended to support this separation [between poetry and fiction in the U.S.] because the current conventional wisdom holds that poetry should be elliptical and lyrical, reflecting inner states and processes of thought or feeling, whereas character and narrative events are the stock-in-trade of fiction."

These lines compare inherent characteristics of poetry with those of fiction. As the passage is discussing the separation between poetry and fiction, we can safely assume that the conventional wisdom in the U.S. holds that poetry should not contain the characteristics of fiction, i.e. character and narrative events.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

on July 23, 2020

why cant it be c

Victoria on August 22, 2020

Hi @eishamaqbool,

All we learn from the passage about graduate writing programs in the U.S. is that they tend to train students as poets or writers of fiction, but almost never as both (lines 3 to 5).

This is not a widely held view; rather, it is a fact about graduate writing programs in the U.S. Therefore, answer choice (C) cannot be the correct answer as it does not outline a widely held view.

Hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions.