The passage provides the most support for inferring which one of the following statements?

on August 30, 2019

A vs E

I was torn between A and E and ended up not choosing E because I couldn't find any language that could allow me to infer that the study was unusual. Can someone help out?


Ravi on August 30, 2019


Let's look at (A) and (E).

(A) says, "Narrow, tilted fracture zones in underlying bedrock are
more likely to be found in arid regions than in other regions."

The problem with (A) is that it's an unsupported comparison. We happen
to look at arid regions, but this does not mean that we'll be more
likely to find these fracture zones in arid regions than any other
region. Thus, we can get rid of this answer choice.

(E) says, "The groundwater-locating study described in the final
paragraph was not a typical dowsing study."

We know that this study used the most successful dowsers, and we also
know from earlier on in the passage that successful dowsers aren't
well represented in typical dowsing studies. Since this study did
represent successful dowsers well, we have a strong reason to believe
that it wasn't a typical study. Thus, we arrive at (E) by combining
information about the study with information that was presented to us
earlier in the passage (where the passage outlines the arguments that
the proponents of dowsing have), so (E) is the correct answer choice.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!

on January 9, 2021

Why is b wrong?