Calories consumed in excess of those with which the body needs to be provided to maintain its weight are normally sto...

masonolinde on September 1, 2019

Please help!

Please help explain this one to me. My answer was A. And the correct choice was B. I do not understand!

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Irina on September 8, 2019


The issue with (A) is that is only refers to "some people.." whereas the argument says that these people do not "in general" gain weight, suggesting it is more of a rule than an exception that they do not gain weight. (A) explanation works only for "some", a portion of people that drink 2-3 beverages a day, and "some" usually implies less than "many" and the "majority" and can be as little as 1 person, hence what "some people" do is not helpful in explaining the general observation for this group.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any further questions.