As it is presented in the passage, the approach to history taken by mainstream U.S. historians of the late nineteenth...

DEFCONFMB on September 2, 2019

Game 4, question 14

Good Morning, the explanation in purple seems to violate the [~VT/~TV} rule. I count: W < r/s < r/s < Y < T/v < Q < T/V W < R < S < Y < T < Q < V W < S < R < Y < T < Q < V W < R < S < Y < V < Q < T W < R < S < Y < T < Q < V. I appreciate your time and attention.

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LSATChris on September 28, 2019

I agree with Frederick's assessment.. Could someone illuminate?

Skylar on September 28, 2019

@DEFCONFMB Maybe I can help. Let's take a look.

The purple explanation does not violate the last rule becuase it does not place T and V next to each other. Rather, it places them in spots 5 and 7, separated by Q in spot 6.

Otherwise, your set-up of "W - R/S - S/R - Y - T/V - Q - V/T" is correct. This gives us four possible scenarios (which is why answer choice A is correct). Your first three listed scenarios are correct, but your fourth scenario is a replica of your first. Rather, it should be "W-S-R-Y-V-Q-T."

Does this make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Skylar on September 28, 2019

@LSATChris Please see the updated message board explanation and let us know if this helps to clarify.