The passages share which one of the following as their primary purpose?

sadaabrahman on September 3, 2019

Please explain

Thank you!

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Irina on September 4, 2019


Both passages talk about parallel computing as a means to solve computation-intensive problems (lines 22-29 of passage 1 and lines 53-58 of passage 2) as the answer choice (B) suggests. The passages are not saying that traditional computing is ineffective for common tasks, only computation-intensive tasks, hence (A) is incorrect. Only the author of passage A mentions that desktop computers connected to one another via the internet could be used to solve calculation-intensive problems, hence (C) is incorrect. Passage A suggests that only some projects using a new approach have been successful, and Passage B argues that the new computing paradigm is more effective at certain computing problems, but this fact alone is insufficient to infer that it has indeed supplanted the traditional paradigm for most problems as (D) suggests. Finally, (E) is incorrect because even though the passages describe complex computation-intensive problems, parallel computing model could be used to solve them.

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