If one of the rugs is solid yellow, then any of the following could be true EXCEPT:

Michelle on September 3, 2019

Second rule

I understood the second rule to mean that if olive is used within one rug, peach must also be used within that particular rug. So, why is it necessary to have peach selected? Is it for any of the rugs?

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Irina on September 3, 2019


The game involves the following rules:

W -> +2
O -> P

The second rule does apply only to the case when O is selected, O -> P, but since we have to select 5 out of 6 colors, P must always be selected. Let's consider two scenarios:

(1) O is one of the 5 colors selected. Then P must be selected per rule 2
(2) O is not one of the colors selected. Then we only have 5 colors left and all of them must be selected - P F T W Y.

Because this game requires us to leave out only 1 color, we cannot leave out P without leaving out O and thus would violate the rule requiring us to pick exactly 5 colors.

Does this make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.