Which one of the following is a pair of loads that can both be mulch?

Sadaab on September 4 at 01:36AM


Is it necessary to come up with all the possibility's beforehand? Any other way to do it?

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Irina on September 4 at 04:09AM


Great question. No, this game neither requires listing of all the possibilities, nor would I recommend considering all the possible options beforehand. The rules allow us to infer that to meet the 3x max cleaning restriction, we must either have MMM sequence together, or have one MM string and one M load at either end of the hauling sequence (#1 or #7). If MMM string corresponds to hauls 5,6,7, this would result in only 1 cleaning. Any other MMM string -456 or 345 - would result in 2 cleanings, and breaking it down into 1 MM string and 1 M haul would result in 3 cleanings. These inferences are sufficient to answer all of the questions for this game.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

on September 25 at 05:53AM

I totally see the benefit to writing everything out; however, if we are going to do this (like the video explanation demonstrates) what technique do you suggest using? And specifically what I'm asking is, would you start out (for this example) SSSS, then move to SSS then is it trial and error (which is what I ran into in the later questions)? Just want to find a technique that is efficient for the section.

Irina on September 25 at 05:50PM


If you prefer writing out all the possible scenarios, I would use M as your base, considering M placement is more restrictive (#5 must be M). Then I would write out three possible MMM sequences:

Followed by MM and M sequences:

Let me know if you have any further questions.