The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

SeonAh-Lee on September 4, 2019

Video does not play

I tried my laptop, iPad, and phone but none of them work :(

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SeonAh-Lee on September 4, 2019

I first tried it on my TV (can connect Internet) and it did work. Then the video that didn't work on my iPad now works. Does the order matter on which device I play the vidoes first? So confused...

Irina on September 4, 2019


Thanks for letting us know and we are terribly sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical issues.
Please direct any support related issues to our support staff by tapping "support" from the left menu or by calling 855.483.7862 ext. 2 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PT.
Our support channels are a much faster way to resolve these type of issues.

carolynthomas0214 on September 28, 2019

I I am having the same issues and now it is too late for me to call the support line which means that I probably will not be able to access the video until Monday

carolynthomas0214 on September 28, 2019

This is a major issue for me because I am currently behind in the calendar and would like to utilize as much time as possible for studying and catching up