Although human economic exchange predates historical records, it is clear that the very first economies were based on...

on September 4, 2019


I don't understand the answer choice, pleas explain thanks!

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on October 1, 2019

Hello @chris_va,

The author provides the following conclusion:
It is clear that the first economies were barter-based, and money came later.

What evidence does the author give in support?
When currency disappeared in certain places, the economy returned to its original barter system, and then switched back to currency when it became available.

I immediately noticed a problem with this argument. Does this argument prove that bartering came first? I don't think so. It remains entirely possible that currency came first.

Notice this phrase used in the evidence portion of the premise: "original barter system." The evidence given to support the conclusion relies on the argument that the barter system was the first system. Isn't this what the author is trying to prove? How can the evidence rely on the truth of the conclusion? This flaw is expressed by answer choice E.

Author: Bartering came before currency.
Chris: Ok, prove it.
Author: Bartering was the original system and returned occasionally.
Chris: You already said that, give me some better evidence.