Which one of the following could be the assignment of departments to floors?

hannahnaylor5 on September 5, 2019

Why could the set up not be 1-5-1?

I might have missed something in the explanation. I came up with a scenario that looked like: Top: H Middle: F S P T I Bottom: L I don't see why this couldn't be an option? Could you please explain further? Thank you!

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Irina on September 5, 2019


The reason the option in your question is impossible because each floor can accommodate at most four departments, hence a scenario with five departments on one floor would violate the rules.

Let's quickly review the setup for this game:

A law firm has seven department - F H I L P S T. The firm occupies a building with three floors - bottom, middle, top. Each floor can accommodate up to four departments, and no department is on more than one floor.

The following rules apply:

(1) Probate must be on the same floor as tax law.

P & T

(2) Health law must be on the floor immediately above injury law.

H > T

We can also infer that H cannot be on the bottom floor and injury law cannot be on the top floor.

T: ~I
B: ~ H

HI combination thus must either be on top and middle floors respectively or middle and bottom floors.

T: H
M: I


M: H
B: I

(3) Labor law must occupy the entire floor by itself.

This tells us that it could never be on the middle floor because either H or I must always be on the middle floor. Let's consider both scenarios:'

T: H
M: I
B: L

In this scenario, P &T could go on the top or middle floor.

T: L
M: H
B: I

In this scenario, P & T could go on the middle or bottom floor.

The remaining two departments could either both go with H/I or one could go with HPT/ IPT combination and one could go with H/I.

Let me know if you have any further questions.