Alice: Quotas on automobile imports to the United States should be eliminated. Then domestic producers would have to...

Julie-V on September 5, 2019

Answer Explanation

Hi LSAT Max, I chose (E) through process of elimination and was wondering if someone could explain how the stimulus would help bring us to (E). Is it because David is basically saying that we need quotas (whereas Alice is saying we should get rid of them) but his reasoning is something that Alice doesn't mention in her argument? Many thanks in advance for the help!

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Irina on September 5, 2019


You are on the right track -Alice says quotas should be eliminated for reasons x y & z. David responds by ignoring any of the reasons she cites in support of her argument and saying instead that quotas make sense because they are common worldwide.

Does this make sense?

Let me know if you have any further questions.