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Identifying Cause and Effect

I am having trouble identifying the cause and effect on very specific questions, such as example 3 and example 5. Example 5 for instance discusses both the 1)low-power circuitry being susceptible to interference and 2)electronic devices putting navigation systems at risk. However, the cause and effect was "Cause: electronic devices" and "effect: modern aircraft navigation systems at risk". To me, it is a combination of both of these factors that is putting the navigation system at risk. I realize that in the conclusion electronic devices was explicitly mentioned, which could theoretically be an easy indicator for which cause to hone in on. However, when compared to example 3, whose cause was "ban on hunting" and effect was "increase in deer population" despite "resulting in a public safety concern" being the resulting factor explicitly stated in the conclusion, I have become confused on how to differentiate between cause and effect scenarios with various contributing/resulting variables. Is there a recommended technique to help when differentiating cause and effect within these types of questions?

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Im having the same problem identifying cause and effect arguments. Can someone explain the strategy.