The author of passage A would be most likely to agree with which one of the following statements about passage B?

Minerva on September 9, 2019

Option A

I can see why E is correct but can someone please explain why A is incorrect? Thanks!

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SamA on September 16, 2019

Hello @Minerva,

Passage A begins with historical trends of the 1990's, including a "dramatic integration of the study of women's history" as well as a "transition from the subject of women to the issue of gender." This is the only time that the author of Passage A mentions the "historical mainstream." The completion, or lack thereof, of this integration is never mentioned. This gives us little support for answer choice A, especially compared to answer choice E, which has specific support on lines 24-26.

Passage B can simultaneously shed light on politics and culture while failing to highlight specific women in Rome's history. This is the perspective that we can most reasonably expect the author of Passage A to have.

tomgbean on November 30, 2019

Does not the failings to shed light on contributions of specific women as passage A and B mentioned lead to the conclusion that the integration of women's' history into the historical mainstream is far from complete?