Letter to the editor: Sites are needed for disposal of contaminated dredge spoils from the local harbor. However, t...

lerondagates on September 9, 2019

Why not E?

I was able to narrow between D and E here. Why not E? I was thinking that they only considered two options here: sand-capped pits and the approach of the editor. There was not another option presented as a possible approach. I see why the answer is D now but please explain why E is incorrect here. Is this not correct because we don't know exactly what the editor proposed other than it is said to possibly cause damage?

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Irina on September 10, 2019


The issue with (E) is that the argument is not saying there are only two possible options, otherwise the argument would be structured something like - approach A is bad, thus we must go with approach B. The author is instead saying that option A is harmful because many people signed a petition opposing option A and favoring option B. But the argument never tells us there is no option C, rather it focuses on comparing options A and B.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

lerondagates on October 10, 2019

Thanks! I understand now.