Based on what can be inferred from their titles, the relationship between which one of the following pairs of documen...

Minerva on September 10, 2019

Option C

Why is C wrong?

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Irina on September 10, 2019


The issue with (C) is that even if you assume that New Planet is Discovered parallels New Currency in Passage A, Passage B is a poor parallel to Planet or Asteroid Scientists Debate because it discusses the proper application of tax law to the virtual wealth/ currency rather than debating if it is Currency (Planet) or another concept (Asteroid). (D) on the other hand parallels both passages nicely - Biologists Created New Species in Lab - Players Created New Currency in Online Games and Artificially Created Life: How Patent Law Applies - Virtual Assets: How Tax Law Applies.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any further questions.