Theater managers will not rent a film if they do not believe it will generate enough total revenue—including food–and...

Meredith on September 10, 2019

Choice E

What is incorrect with E? I feel if you negate it the conclusion falls apart since it would show that managers would not prefer films catered to young audiences.

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Irina on October 7, 2019


The issue with (E) is that it requires us to make an unwarranted inference that just because a film that is attractive for an older audience almost never generates enough profit, a film that is appealing to a younger audience must be profitable, whereas we cannot infer any information about movies that appeal to a younger audience based on this fact alone. Since the argument focuses on movies that appeal to a younger audience, we are looking for an assumption that would fill the gap between the appeal to a younger audience and profitability. Note that even if we negate (E), the argument still makes sense, it is possible for movies that are attractive to an older audience to generate profit, but for movies that appeal to a younger audience still be more profitable.

Let me know if this helps and if you have any further question.

Irina on October 7, 2019